Microplastics Monitoring in Marine Environment, Syakti (2017)


This review summarizes the need for future spatiotemporal comparisons of microplastics abundance across marine environment, through standardized methods for microplastic sampling and analysis in sea water, beach and seabed sediment and marine organism. Pretreatment of the sample prior to the elimination of organic matter should be done using appropriate reagents was also described. Extraction of microplastics from environmental matrices is based on the different density of targeted microplastics with saturated salt solutions (NaCl, NaI, CaCl2, ZnCl2 and lithium metatungstate). Quantification can be achieved by microscopic techniques (binocular, stereomicroscope, fluorescence microscope and scanning electron microscope) and discussion on identification methods including FTIR, Pyr-GC/MS and Raman spectroscopy will be provided. This review also endorse the important of further study regarding the fate and impact of microplastics on marine biota and human health, especially when we acknowledge that co-pollution may occur during the transport on microplastics in marine environment.

Keywords: marine pollution, environmental chemistry, co- pollutants, microplastics, marine debris

Sumber : Omni-Akuatika, 11 (2): 1–6, 2017
ISSN: 1858-3873 print / 2476-9347 online

Download – Syakti (2017)


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